Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching Up

Hello friends and family. Tim and I are still getting used to this smaller trailer but what can you do? We have have some interesting people here and Tim plans to start hiking with a group once they have all arrived. (What's the hangup? Get here!) I have found a spinner/fiber freak, a quilter and alot of dog people. I go to water aerobics at 9 a.m. some days and last Sunday our little circle here in the park had a gathering and that was fun. It was our first party and our first bad weather. Figures! We had some drizzle but the no real rain. When it did drizzle, the smell was awsome - you know the smell of rain in a dry spell. The wind was awsome and kicked up so much dust our mountain disappeared. It's wierd when you can't see a mountain through the dust.

Our camera broke so the only picture is the one of a sweater I made for Mackenzie. I hope it will fit. She was a giraffe for Halloween so I swooned when I spotted the giraffe buttons. Fiber still keep me busy, currently I am finger teasing (cleaning) some wool from my Wisconsin friend, and guess whose fleece? Moses' fleece. How cool is that?

We have two dish to pass thanksgivings to go to on Thanksgiving. It will be bittersweet - in addition to the holiday, it is also the anniversary of Terry's death. It is still so hard to accept that he is gone from this earth. His illness was so unexpected and his death so fast. God bless his family at this time.

Until next time. Love and Prayers. Mummy and Dad.