Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm thinking of running for President of the United States of America

I know this is "our" retirement blog but this now appears to be part of retirement for me. I've been thinking. Sincerely - I'd love to throw my hat in the ring for President of the United States of America. Da da da da da da da da da da da . . . da da da da daaa da da da da da da. . . you know how the music goes.

I think that just considering it opening might help me get my book published, oh, and a ghost writer to help me finish it. This would allow me to follow up with a second book within 12 months. Perhaps I'm reading into this but it appears to me that considering running for the top office adds opportunities, time and money up the wazoo.

I honestly qualify for the job. I'm old enough, a born citizen and am female - which it appears is the next big step in American politics. Let's evolve people! Additionally, I am willing to accept ridiculous offers allowing for me to build up my coffers for the campaign.

I know that my family and I could put out a riveting reality show. We are "real" Americans. You couldn't be more American that us. I can prove it too. My husband and I are both on our second marriage - average. We have been married for more than 30 years - well above average. I have four children, two from each marriage - average. I have MS and type 2 diabetes - average disease quota. While living in Wisconsin I actually and truly hunted for deer and one season shot three on opening day - again above average. Unlike the current Presidential wannabe, my hunting cloths were torn and dirty and blood stained - super extra points for being super extra real!!! (Additionally, I wore a blaze orange knit hat that turned my blond hair to straw, super real). I have pictures fishing on our pontoon boat on an inland lake in Northern Wisconsin (less than 1 hour from Canada). I actually am seen holding my catch in my bare hands making faces, not pretending to be loving it. Very real!!! I get out of cleaning the catch of the day through whatever means possible - really? We tried two years of living in RVs, snow birding it during winter. This didn't work for me. We now live in a real house in N. Las Vegas, NV, the foreclosure capital of the United States. Having taken advantage of someone's misfortune to get ahead puts me in a slightly smarmy light I can see Arizona from the Stratosphere on a clear day.

As for the rest of my family, I have four daughters. One daughter is a lesbian. Another served our country as a Army medic in Iraq and had to defend herself, killing for her country. One daughter married a Filipino and has two children. One daughter is a skilled computer geek working for a nationally known hospital. One daughter married a Mexican in her mid thirties. One of our daughters has ADD and is severely dyslexic. One daughter works in human resources in a high paced industry. One daughter lives with us, works and attends a local college. My husband is retired from an auto manufacturer which fell apart and revoked many of our medical benefits. We are a bit sour over that. I worked for over 25 years as a legal secretary and am now medically retired. We appeal to many demographic groups.

My platform is democratic, somewhat conservative and I would be able to reach across the isle in that I am Sagittarius, meaning I was born under the happiest and friendliest of zodiac signs. I have a live-and-let-live attitude and am seldom angry but when I am, I am told I can be hurtfully sarcastic. I just don't see it. Further, my brother is a republican and my best friend from high school is a republican and works for a high ranking southern republican in the senate or house or something. If lower taxes and tax issues are the only reason to be a republican I might switch, but I honestly feel they have hidden agendas and frankly most of the republicans are scary. Face it, winning or losing they have nasty faces. When they do smile, they are still scary.

I am not photogenic and have never won a beauty contest. I do, however, twirl a baton. I am more than willing to have my party dress me in the most flattering and appropriate cloths, at whatever cost, and shamelessly admit it. I have never been mayor or held office but I always wanted to and often talk about it, especially during the nightly news. I can go with the flow so why not go for the top? And I understand there is plenty of room for looking foolish, stupid, ridiculous and defensive. I am not now or ever will be afraid of Katie Curik. I can be awestruck by famous people. I wouldn't be ashamed to admit that my best reading is done in my private library. If I am caught off guard by the press I'll admit it. Frankly, they have more experience than any of us and usually know what the answers will be before the questions are asked.

My first promise? I promise to never lean with one elbow on the podium. Secondly I promise to never ask "hows that workin' fer ya?". Finally, I will never ever ever say "man up".

I do not acknowledge the tea party. Tea Parties are for little girls in fuffy skirts who talk to bears and eat imaginary food.

I was an extremely average high school student, have a 4.00 at UWM for an English course I took and a 4.00 at MATC for a medical secretary certificate.

I would hire from my pool of experts. I.e., I have several friends who are capable of pulling together improntu cocktail parties and more than a few friends with strong opinions, often times offensive. I am still looking for an uber wealthy Cheney-esqe asshole and am looking forward to the results of my "should I run" poll.

Well I'm off. I'll be busy exploring my options for venues to officially announce my candidancy. I can almost hear hail to the chief.

P.S. I wrote this all by myself and I did use spell check in the proofing of this document.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Grateful for family

I've discovered mobeous knitting, that is, knitting on circular needs with an intended twist so the scarf has a permanant fold. It's fun and entertaining. I've also made some cuffs, that is, fingerless gloves. Lots of fun! Especially since people like them. It is fun to knit but then it is more fun when it is appreciated. That said - on with family news.

Family came "home" last week. Tracy and Jennifer flew in and Rachel, Darrell, Mackenzie and Darrian drove from California. We were together for almost 5 full days and we had so much fun, food and laughs. Tina and Jorge weren't here and we missed them although it is a good thing Tina wasn't here because her mother had a heart attach and it was a blessing she was home. The grandkids didn't fail to entertain and they are getting more amazing by the day. I noticed that Mackenzie is very bright. I can't explain what I mean, I know she's bright, but she uses information she's picked up in such suprising ways, more complex than I would expect at her age. Her hair is long, her eyes are beautiful and when she smiles her dimples are not too deep, not to small, they are just "enough". And Darrian, he is starting to talk alot and is the cutest thing inte world. I love the way he says water and cars. His r's are drawn out really cute. His brown eyes are huge and when he smiles he does melt your heart. Hugs and kisses are heartwarming. Since they were here the week before for a wedding celebration in Darrell's family I got to have them here some extra nights too.

I wish . . . but don't we all. I wish I could have all of them close to me all the time but that darn Rachel marrying a California boy went and made life more . . . exciting? I'm loving Las Vegas's weather. I am suprised how warm the house is without running the furnace. Of course, we only had temps in the lower 40s a few mornings but we warm up during the day. Having said that, I'm chilled. We don't have tons of friends but Tim is working part time and I enjoy the quiet life. When the kids are here, it is busy enough. I need to recoop. Our neighbors are very nice though and it is unusual to know and speak to your neighbors here so we are lucky. It is odd that people can live next to someone for years and never speak to them. It seems that is the norm here.

My folks are moving into an apartment on December 1. A broken furnace forced them to make the decision and leave their house but they really can't deal with maintaining a house anymore. Tracy and my brother, Dennis, are helping them get their stuff sorted, packed and moved and for that I am soooo grateful.

The tree is up for the holidays and plans are for a very quiet one at that but ooohhh, isn't it cozy. We could go to California and celebrate Christmas Eve with Darrell and his family but we'll pass this year and plan to do that again in the future. Their family is huge, everyone gathers at Auntie Dave's where the decorations are over the top and there are presents galore, Philipino food (and it is soooo good), laughter and children everywhere. Throw in a white elephant gift exchange with the adult cousins and some holiday beverages and you are in for one fun night. We went 2 years ago and our faces were so sore from smiling.

Please enjoy the pictures of the kid's visit and I'll post again soon.

Love, me.