Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a few pix

Thought you might enjoy a few of Zoe's friends. Unfortunately, I only got a few. there are so many more. Abby (the blonde) and Chauncy (dapper in black and white) are John and Jane's dogs. They are muts and amazingly, from different places and some years apart. Everything about them says they are liter mates. Maggie is the only dog who isn't on a leash while on doggie row. She is the funniest, smartest little girl.

The flowers are in front of Maggie's place. They are winter daisies that are natural to the dessert. Her folks just harvested seeds, planted them and took good care. They are beautiful! She also was here early in the fall and fertilized them so they are particularly grand!

A New Era!

Historic, exiciting and fun! That was January 20th. For the most part, Tim and I spent the day in front the TV. Boy, Obama has his hands full though. Thoughts and prayers and kuddos to him and his cabinet!

Thursday we drove to Green Valley, a little south of Tuscon, to visit or neighbors from Sand Lake Pines, Roy & Shirley. We visited, went to lunch, visited and went to Tubac, a fabulous little touristy artist village. It was the perfect place - the type you hope to find when exploring new places but rarely do. There were close to no crafts, all art. What fun! Some of it pretty creepy, as the Mexican element seems to be so good at. We were gone all day, 12 hours. Our friend Paige took care of Zoe, and Zoe was not in good spirits. We were grateful for Paige (who has weiner dogs)and her understanding of quirky hounds.

Now for yesterday (yes it was a busy, fun week). Our neighbors, John and Joan hosted a get together because her sister came in from El Paso for the weekend. Her daughter and husband also came - with their 5 week old twins! Lilly and Calum. We had good company and good food. Jane is a good cook and although she bought some things, we also made a few. Neighbors brought stuff too.

Enjoy the pictures of our day trip and the party. Take care. Love and prayers, Tim and Diane

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year!

I should be saying Happy Birthday to Tracy! I did but she didn't answer her phone. At any rate, she's too old now. Instead of lying about my age, I lie about hers! She's 27 today. Hahahaha.

I don't have a whole lot to share at this time. We have just been sitting still. Tim is just getting over the "yuck" he came down with on Christmas Day. I only had it for about a week and not nearly as bad. I went to water aerobics again Tuesday, but it was way too cold before that so it was a good 4 weeks that I missed. It is amazing how strong water aerobics makes me feel. I also went back to my Wednesday knitting with Paige, a delightful neighbor! There's alot to be said about women sharing a craft, a little food now and then, coffee and good spirit. It makes me feel strong too. It isn't just knitting either - Paige spins (can you spot her on the pix?), some crochet, one woman is designing sweaters for a book she has been commission to write. What fun!

Another set of new friends, Jane and John, have become a grandparents again, to twins. They are here in the Phoenix Valley too. What lucky grandparents they are. But I don't see Jane too much now, she spends a whole lot of time helping with the babies. What a challange!

Please keep in touch with us - we miss everyone. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad