Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, and then there is me

Somehow this picture got dropped from our bowling post. Seeing Darien eat a pickle and chase it with a lemon is worth his own post.

Now I'm moving on. Love again

Kids kids kids

When do you stop calling your kids kids? Anyhow, Jen's life is exciting lately. A new beau, now fiance and her birthday was the 20th. In addition to getting engaged a few weeks ago, Jorge dressed up her wrist to accompany her ring. I have to show it off for her.

We left on her birthday, so we celebrated Father's Day and her 35th (ugh) on Friday by having alot of chinese food ordered in, it was like a buffet! We topped that off with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I've been complaining about a 15 lb weight gain since leaving Arizona. Nights like this don't help.

It is finally summer in the great north woods. we have storms and rain but the sun comes out and we are in the 80s. Maybe I'll get some color, I'm as white as a ghost. It had been cold and cloudy ever since we arrived.

Moving on . . . take care. Love, Mummy and/or Diane

A week with the kids

Tim helped a friend move from Janesville WI to Arlington TX. I stayed in Waukesha with the kids while he was away but before he left we got in a night of bowling. Tim has good form!
I was able to spend alot of time with my grandkids. I spied on Mackenzie at her day care and then took a few pictures. I had to photograph Darien in his high chair because he is so busy exploring I can't get a good pix. Mackenzie too, always moving, but on the potty . . . she was a good subject.
Tim had both a week from hell and a really really good time. Our friends wanted him to stay even longer but he missed me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jackie and Jason visited last weekend and we had alot of fun. In one day we went to the Musky Hall of Fame, walked downtown Hayward, had lunch, went to an all city rummage in Stone Lake, went fishing in weather that was cold (in the 40s) and then had a campfire and made smores, then we made food. Having the extra trailer works out really nice.
Tim and I also posed with big foot - how nice of him to pose with us!
We are heading to Waukesha today. I'll be spending the week with them and Zoe and Tim will be helping Jamison with his final move to Arlington Texas.
Take care one and all. Diane