Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words

Here are a few more pictures of our holiday and beautiful Newport Beach. That's several thousand words I don't have to type. On the picture we took of the beach, we walked from that spot all the way to the jetty at the top of the picture and back again. Love, Mom

Christmas 2008

Tim and I traveled to Vegas, Los Angeles and back to Vegas then home and spent an enormous amount of time with the grandkids. We stayed at Belae's houses in both cities. Darian is the spitting image of his mother, only he has his dad's coloring. He is a drool machine and has his two bottom teeth, which just came in special for Grandma. He smiles all the time and is the best baby boy I know! Mackenzie is growing like crazy and is getting more beautiful every time I see her. We can understand almost everything she says and it is so much fun to hear her put full sentences together. Oh, she wants for nothing! She's been dotted on for sure.

The traffic was lousey for alot of the trip, bottle necks for no reason but no accidents. We did end up behind a few flat tires though and peeeuuuuuu, that stinks.

Tim, Zoe and I took some time for ourselves on Christmas day and went to Newport beach. Tim and Zoe did alot of walking. I tried, but . . . struggled quite a bit. Zoe walked in the surf and chased sandpipers. I don't know what she would have done if she caught up to one. It rained (poured) all the way there and when we got there it cleared up and the sun warmed us up. It was windy though! The picture's I post make it look really overcast but that isn't my recollection of it at all. It was a beautiful day! But . . . right after we got back to the house, Tim got the chills and proceeded to get sick (flu?). We just got back last night and when he is up and about, we are going to try and find a decent clinic for him to go to. He might have pneumonia - he's that miserable!

As I write I am printing pictures on my new PhotoSmart printer from Tracy and Tina. That was a very fabulous gift - thank you ladies! They are tied with Rachel for favorite right now. hahahahaha
Well, I'm off to post pictures for one and all to enjoy. Love and prayers, and be safe in your New Year celebrations.
Mom (and Dad)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Deedles and Tumbleweed Tree

Hello everyone and Season's Greetings!

Tim and I are getting excited - we'll be leaving very early Sunday for Vegas, hopefully, we'll be there in time to greet Rachel and Darian when their flight comes in. Then it is on to her in-laws' Vegas home. Mackenzie is already there and Darrell will be out on the 23rd, after exams. I miss all the girls and the folks and would love to spend some time with Dennis and Sharon too. So today is alot of chasing around and tomorrow is packing. Saturday evening we are invited to a friend's house for a season "dish to pass" event.

My deedles have made it into a Gallery, thanks to Terry at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. You can visit her site and a few Deedles at The Gallery is Art on Boston (I believe it is and the Deedles appear to be in really good company with the other artwork, from painting to glass work and jewelry. I was thrilled to see the area the shop is in. It is old Chandler with a square, restaurants, art galleries, tiny brewery, etc. The square has a Christmas tree made of tumble weed. It is ironic, because my friend Paige told me about the tree and Tim and I kicked around going to see it. As we approached the area and watched street names, we spotted the tree and the gallery was right on the other side of the street. (where was my camera? at home!) Then I was thrilled all over again when Laurie, the owner, said she would show them in the store. The whole thing is just too cool.
I've been rather lazy about keeping up the blog - apologies to all. I know keeping in touch is important. I'm not too sure I'm loving Arizona - the friendships are fabulous. Paige is a fiber freak too. Jane is an avid reader and we've read many of the same things, she became a Grandmother of twins yesterday. Holly is right across the street and she goes to water aerobics too. I went with Sue (a fun Canadian) and Jane to Bingo for the very first time ever on Wednesday. What fun is that? I could do that every night!
Tim has a job interview for a residential treatment center on the 30th. I hope he gets it. It is 2nd shift and I think he wants to keep busier.
I can never control where the pix end up on this blog when I upload them and I've lost my work too many times to try to get them where I want them but at least I have a new camera and at leat there is something posted.
I'll try to post in Vegas or California - but for now, Merry Christmas to all and Love and Prayers. Tim and Diane

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Lights on Cochise Circle

Hello friends and family

I took a little film of our street with the decorations at night. It is my first movie on the blog but alas, it didn't load. I went to the help page and they are having "issues" with videos so I'll try again tomorrow.

Dad and I decided to go for sure to Vegas and LA for Christmas. We are both anxious to see the babies. Well, baby and kid.

Saturday Tim and I went out for pizza with some friends, Jane and John. They are from Indiana and have an old victorian they spent their summers in. On the 18th, their daughter is having twins via c-section. A boy and girl. How exciting! We went to Carini's. That was our first pizza in months - I think we had Pizza Hut in late September with Tom and Deb in Hayward. There aren't a whole lot of pizza parlors in this area. It is a topic of conversation now and then when restaurants comes up. There are better restaurants where we came from by far and everyone else seems to feel the same way.

Love and prayers, Mummy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Hike

Well dad is off on his first hike and I thought I would post a picture of him and a few of the guys. There are a few vehicles needed so he took ours. I can't wait to hear where they hiked. Thursday is another one, I hope this one goes well.

I also put up a pix of our new grill we had to put together and a pair of hikers I had orders for from our neighbor whose folks are older and still hike all the time.

The missing photo

Here is the palm tree with its decorations. You can also see how we gardened our butts off around the base of the tree. It wouldn't post last night, so I am posting this a.m.

What a big deal hey? I'm so low on Christmas spirit that this is almost funny! But it was cost effective. So here's the secret on keeping costs down. Lowe's lighting only $1.57 a string for 100, so I got 2 strings and the snow man? 25% off at Lowe's also, it's a toilet seat cover!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha. I might take pictures of other's deco, some are pretty outrageous. It was really dark when I took this pix, the sun just in its last glow, and it looks like bright afternoon skies with bad coloring on the trailer. How odd.

Have a good day. Love you all. Mummy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Luann - is that you?

Is this my cousin??? E-mail me. I gotta know.

Moving toward X-mas

Well I don't have much spirit, but we did pick up lights and a snowman's face for the palm tree. I put up a picture of it. Oh wow. I also put up a street picture of our little road, we are on the left maybe 2nd one down.

I took several days off from water aerobics because of the holiday but got back into it this a.m. Dad starts a hiking group tomorrow. Tuesdays are 1/2 day walks leaving at 8 a.m. (hahahaha) and Thursdays are all day hikes, also leaving early. I know he's looking forward to that. He got a backpack that holds water and you can drink it from a tube. Sort of like beer hats only on your back. (Not really)

I got 2 nice cards from Jen for my b-day - kudos Jen! Way to pull out in the lead girl! They were very funny. Nothing says "I love you" like a smutty card.

I also put up a Deedle picture - it is how I pass my time. This guy is really good in person!

I really miss you guys. I hope you will all be together for x-mas - this time please take pictures to share!