Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cleaning Up Loose Ends

Tim and I just spent 11 days on the road and saw a few sights on the way to Wisconsin in order to get stuff we had in our trailer in Stone Lake, WI. I missed a few old friends at Sand Lake RV park but caught up with a few others and that was nice catching up with them. We got back safe and sound, emptied the U-Haul and now my dining room and living room look like I'm a hoarder. Tim put his shoulder out and is in great pain, slowly recovering. I can't sleep. It's 5:30 in the morning and I'm back to washing cloths that smell like moth balls and breaking down boxes. Ugh. In a week this mess has to be cleaned up, put away and we will be leaving for Long Beach to get on a cruise ship, oh yeah, ahoy matey. Having never been on a cruise I'm both excited and apprehensive. The best part so far is getting some new makeup and cloths, including a "little black dress" for the formal Captains dinner. Jackie wears bare minerals and we had to find a store that carries it here. It wasn't easy but we did find such a store - Ulta! I have never been in such a fabulous makeup store. Sure, it had creams and lotions and pretty pretties but the makeup was amazing. This wrinkled old lady had fun browsing and eventually fell to temptation and bought a bare minerals starting kit. It was my "coming of age" store. A real eye opener. I'm old - I'm not getting any younger and the wrinkles are here to stay. I started using anti-aging/wrinkle cream a while back and frankly, I don't think they work. I'll see if the bare minerals make me look less blotchy, less wrinkled and less "old". Jackie also helped me shop for cloths - very helpful indeed. I saw my grandma while shopping. Amazing! She was in the mirror. I wasn't sure at first but yep, there she was, the elbows and arm skin gave it away. I've walked like her for years now, I get out of the chair like her and now I'm morphing into her - only I think I'm fatter - great! When I'm not feeling sorry for myself I have been spinning some heavenly white alpaca and that is almost as good as it gets. I missed my spinning wheel, I missed the fiber in my fingers and I missed the mesmerizing, relaxing motion of the wheel. Come back again for real blogging, not midnight rambling. Love to all, Diane.