Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bring Back Human Beings . . . please

I sat down to do something important on the computer and totally forgot where I was headed. So I made a call and was greeted by a computer, yippee. With so many "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" or insisting that my name is t i a m e instead of d i a n e I have a whole knew beef. Living right over the path of Jets at Nellis Airforce Base is becoming old, and I'm going deaf. Add to that totally throwing the voice activated systems out of sync completely and having to wait to make calls you are just dying to make in the first place puts business calls at the bottom of list of things to do. Lower than low, buried and forgotten. Bring back humans, create more jobs, even minimum wage jobs where people can work from home - please bring back human beings.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heat and overcoming it

So we've had a bit of heat here. I'm worried about Zoe - she gets overheated in spite of the air conditioning, which is obviously not strong enough to cool down a tin can on the desert floor. I can't wait until we are in our house. We have a long term goal to have a pool but we can shamefully fill a kiddy pool and plant our boiling selves in a foot of water if need be. It will be cooler in the house, anything is cooler than the Jayco. Hot with wind this afternoon, heat tomorrow and then a cool down in temps for the next several days.

Speaking of tomorrow, we see our loan officer and hand over a few more pieces of information to update or application and hopefully find out the date of the appraisal. Then we have the inspection -- I can't possibly see anything really bad showing up. Stay tuned, I will be eating these words I'm sure.

So to pass the time I have two projects. Create a new budget and knit. After a coin toss the sweater won so I picked up a sweater I had been working on (for well over a year). I had mastered to pattern but all the increasing and decreasing and maintaining the pattern for necklines and armholes proved too intelligent for me I turned the sweater into balls of yarn and started anew. I am going to finish this one regardless of the progress and then donate it. Once I am in the house I will be able to create items for felting. That's my forte. I felt, therefore I am. There is something to be said about old top loading washing machines.

Tim is still in the middle of the road about living in Vegas but I'm sure this is a good move. I've always backed away from holding my ground and this is new for me. At least we have Stone Lake to fall back on when things get really hot here. We will have to rethink some of our previous choices and scale back (i.e., gas guzzler truck vs. anorexic car).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2nd Star on the right leads to Las Vegas, NV

I apologize. I have been terribly remiss in writing on my blog and sharing retirement adventures. Frankly, I suck at writing regularly and I suck at being an adventurous retiree. My grandmother gene is overriding all other genetic fixes and being near Mackenzie and Darrian trumps winters in various and sundry places. Some of the friends I've met will be with me always but move over for the kids. They won. Don't ask what I will do if gradchildren show up in other parts of the U.S. I'll deal with that when it happens.

I believe we may trade in our Jayco for a Class C once all the dust has settled with the house but that isn't until after we close, which will be toward the end of May. We may still take off for a few weeks now and then, who knows.
Jennifer and Jorge were married here in Vegas on April 20, 2010. The Flamingo's garden provided a beautiful backdrop and we had so much fun with family and friends for about a whole week. Tracy had to step in and help out with the flowergirl/ring bearer but it was adorable. The bride was stunning.
Jackie will be living with us while so goes to school, Rachel and the kids will be back and forth from LA and Jennifer and Tracy love playing here in Vegas so I think I'll be happy here. I'm sure Tim will too once he gets used to the idea and forgets about the crime rate and water shortages.
Love to all. Diane