Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visitors Galore

If it rains it pours. The month of January was dull but there were fun things on the horizon, we just didn't expect them all at once. Tom and Deb had plans to visit and arrived on the 20th of February and since they arrived the pool people have been in and out like crazy. Rachel and the kids are in town to see their family's new addition, Dannelly and Rowell's son Davyn who at 4lbs 11oz appears to be the most adorable baby I've seen in a few years. Our Darrian, who is 2 1/2 years old is completely potty trained. He strips to go potty, but I'd rather redress him than change a diaper. Yesterday we had the pool people "shot the gunite", or at least that is as close to the term as I can or even need to get. Translation: the pool has the majority of concrete in place. I have to water it 3 times a day now until they return.
Shortly after Tim left for work yesterday Tom and Deb asked if Rachel could drive Tom to the ER. CHEST PAIN! OMG. We gave him an asperin and they were off. The ER kept him and we are waiting to hear from his nurse/doctor for some word on his tests and later today he gets a stress test. Deb is visually impared and Tom sent her home with Rachel because she would be like a prisoner there in a holding pattern. That was a good decision. Now, when it comes to health issues Tom is a man of few words so he is happy to just get a good rest in while we worry. Deb did call and found out they had him in a bed, not in a recliner like they usually do here in Vegas ERs, but was in the ER until late last night so we didn't hear anything until Deb called. She called again before we all went to bed and he was okay and since their cell phones, and ours, are Wisconsin area codes, the nurses don't call because it is long distance. Unfortunately he left his phone here . I have to wonder if they would call if something critical happened to him. Of course, that is very unlikely and as far as Deb's vacation, we will take her to Springs Preserve and a little more sightseeing. She is loving the casinos and is luckier than me and her $20.00 entertains her for hours before she goes bust. So far we visited the California/Nevada border (lottery tickets and border casinos), parts of the strip, Hofbrauhaus for some good German fun, Freemont Street, plenty of food and Hoover Dam, where Deb can say she walked to Arizona.

The kids loved their bunk set and Mackenzie slept in her top bunk by herself (A FIRST!) Normally she prefers mommy's bed. In the middle of the night Darrian wanted to join her so Rachel put him in with Mackenzie. I loved seeing them and we parked them in front of the patio doors so they could watch the work being done on the pool. They had some pretty intelligent questions about the whole pool thing but the most often asked question was "when can we go swimming?" I was so frustrated when I went to make a little flix of them on the top bunk. Battery died. Murphy's law.