Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I wonder "Could I get tired of this?"

Tim and I have actually been out after dark a few times. The bugs have died down a lot and since we got our fishing licenses, it's hard to wrap it up and go home. We enjoyed the full moon on the water and had to go and take a few pix. We went fishing where large blocks of granite act as a shore break and I got a picture of Tim just before we called it a day. I don't do granite rocks and I ditch the cane for pictures but I truly enjoy this. We see dolphins, and that's so cool. We saw a sea turtle that followed our bait in to the shore. I caught a crab, which was only hanging onto the squid I was fishing with. He let go when he hit the water's surface. A kid fishing a little bit away from us caught an Angel fish, and it was really big, about the size of his hand. There are just such unusual things to see here. We haven't caught a fish yet, but we'll keep trying. We have the power chair plugged in so getting to the beach will be less exhausting for me. The beach is amazing hard and like walking on a paved road, a soft paved road. I don't have to fight soft, squishy sand and that's a good thing, because I wouldn't be able to go. I'm loving it though and so is Tim. He gets in long walks on the beach while I sit and enjoy the surf and sounds.
An air force training plane went down in the gulf just off our shore last week. One pilot's body was found off Port Aransas shore, he was from East Troy, WI. The other hasn't been found yet. Yesterday I was looking at shells on the shore and saw something pink. I looked closer and there were teeth. I looked closer and closer and spotted some wire. It was a lost partial. Man, I thought I found part of a body. That was the creepiest thing ever, but alas, false alarm.
Zoe enjoys her walks and has been to the beach twice. She wants to follow Tim on his walks so if we are going for his walk, she doesn't go along. She is stronger than I. We are still pulling sand burrs from our little lawn, which will be 90% sand by time we are done, but I'd rather have sand than burrs. I'll try and get a pix of those nasty critters.
Saw pix of my Arizona friends celebrating Jane's birthday and got a little home sick for their company. I'm lucky to have made such interesting friends there. Here? Not so much (yet?).
Take care, love to all, Diane