Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer's approaching!

I'm swimming! (On the steps) You go girl!

Getting the toes wet.

One year anniversary to the moment! Still smiling:)

Oddly naked garden but it has 10 plants. The large one in the middle is a Joshua tree and in front of it is a small Saguro. It has a ways to go.

My snowbird friends will be leaving their winter nests and heading back to bugs, storms, humidity but more importantly, to friend and family. One such couple are coming our way and staying an extra day to say "hay"! And I'm looking forward. Paige and I share an important bond, fiber! Can't wait. We'll be spending some time spinning on our wheels.

Jennifer and Jorge came to Vegas to celebrate their 1st anniversary (yes, it's been a year already) and Rachel and her family came too. Papa and I had alot of grandkid time and that amuses me to no end. Kids don't care what temp pool water is. They went from getting their toes wet on the edge of the pool to swimming until their lips turned blue. Mom, Auntie Jennifer and Jackie and Nani joined in too. We went neck deep and stayed in for about 1/2 hour. It isn't that cold, almost 80.

We spent some time on the strip and I was able to snap a picture of Jennifer and Jorge at exactly 1 year to the minute of their wedding and that was fun (corny fun is the best fun). We got some shopping and gambling in and Tim joined us after work at the Rio for a seafood buffet. Lots of crab and sushi. Oh yummm.

Tim is looking forward to the school year coming to an end and doesn't plan to return to work driving the UNLV kids around. It is almost full time and that isn't what he wants. We started a desert landscape garden and Tim's enjoying designing it, including carting in a few large rocks. We have more plans for it so I'll be anxious to post most progress as it goes along. We visited Springs Preserve here in town and got alot of inspiration and although we love the plants here saw them in such a beautiful and bold setting. We also drove to Lake Havasu in our Winnie and bought the Joshua tree there. It is hard to find them here. And it is tagged, to prove we didn't dig it up in the desert illegally. We love the desert plants!

Well, y'all take care and I'll write soon. Mummy, Diane