Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nothing much happening

Well the heat broke last night. Yesterday was very breezy and last night we had downright wind. After 2 weeks of hitting nearly 99 every day, we are going to hit maybe a high of 87. Then back up to the low 90s but I'll survive. A little FYI, you can still have allergies in this dry climate. Both Tim and I have sinus headaches and he is pretty stuffed up. Could be with the wind kicked up last night be we're basically good. Zoe is too.

We got a new stair for the front door, it is 48 inches wide with three steps and a railing. The side without a railing has the ramp for Zoe. Now she comes in and out comfortably. The trailer steps are too steep and close for her. Every in and out took alot of thought on her part. The stairs lift up with storage. I'll get a picture later.

I miss home - that is, our families, AND Sand Lake. I've come to think of that as home since being here. Our trailer here is brighter, but smaller in every way. Dad hits his head coming in and out of the door, the shower is small, the bed is short, the lights, although charming, hang too low and we hit our heads. Our refrigerator is painfully small and it just isn't possible to cook at all in this small space.

I met a woman who is also a fiber freak and a spinner. That was a gift!!! We went to two shops yesterday where I bought some wool for felting and a pattern and yarn for a sweater for Mackenzie. I made one for Darien so . . . the guilt moves me to create one for Mackenzie. I love being a Nana. I dislike the distance though.

We miss everyone but there isn't too much more to share right now so I'll get busy knitting and I'm loving you all - friends and family. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day Tripping

October 15, 2008

Hello Family & Friends:

Yesterday (Tuesday) was an day trip day. We headed out to see the Lost Dutchman Museum and then headed further down the road to an old ghost town with a restaurant and lots of gift shops. After that we continued up the road to Canyon Lake. That last 8 miles was all in mountains and just beautiful. At the lake there was a restaurant and we had chips and dip and got a baggie of dog food to feed the ducks and huge carp over the railing of the outside dining area. There were also birds called crackels (??) that took the food right out of the air. That was fun! All of this was within 15 miles of our resort.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Missing everyone really bad at times, especially when I heard a baby cry. The cry was just like Darian‘s when he was visiting in September! I see there are cheap airfares right now . . . Tempting for me!

Love and prayers. Mom and Dad

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cooling Off

Good morning - It's nice and cool today but yesterday was really hot. I put in a picture of the time and temp. So we went to cool off at the pool. We found the post office and mailed our absentee ballots and our mail is reaching us here so if you want to send pix or write, send it to Tim & Diane Puza, Superstition Outlook Mountain RV Park, 1371 East 4th Avenue #129, Apache Junction, AZ 85219.

The State Fair is going on here this week so we might go there this afternoon. It is cool today so it might be a nice thing to do for me. Tim isn't so bothered by the heat. We haven't been around here too much but we've been eyeing other parks and we think we landed in a pretty nice place. It reminds us of Vegas now and then and there are new malls/shopping centers in our area which we have been past but not in. We have a short Walmart list and Tim wants a hat so we might hit the malls. If we decide to stay here, we'll need a shed. Most people have metal ones so I think we'll get one like that but until we are 100% sure (which might be as early as today) we'll put it one in. It has to be large enough for my power chair though.

We are going to update Tim's resume today and get some resumes out on line so he can stay busy. I have to find a place to buy wool so I can make my Deedle People and stay busy. Some things don't change. Oh, in a few weeks, the watercolor classes start and I plan on attending those and learning to paint for real.

Well, I guess that's all the excitement we can share right now. Keep in touch please. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay, so its Hot in Arizona

Hello people and family

It is hot here. We got here yesterday and set up and by time I was done I was DONE. Tim does better. I was so overheated and weak it scared Tim but . . . must not set up trailer again in heat!

We ruined the big 42" flat screen on the roads in New Mexico. The roads were ok, except the bumps before and after overpasses were horrible. We had the TV secured but it worked its way out on those overpasses and ouch, it got stuck and pinched between the bed and door and ruined the picture. So today we go shopping. It is insured - so we'll be OK. Note to kids - get insurance.

Here is what we look like. We face south - ugh. Our awning doesn't provide any shade except to shade trailer. The wind is a problem so shade has to be brought in if it kicks up too much. Lucky for us, we got an electric awning.

I'll write again soon. Love and prayers, Mom and Dad

Mountains mountains mountains

The view even left Zoe speechless. But she said " Stars? I don't see no stars!"

This is the road we came from, you can't see cars, but we went up up up and looking back you can see how far down we were.

Rocks rocks rocks.

The rocks are so close on one side but the pictures don't really show it. I recommend taking a ride out here to see it and then hey, stop by us for a week! Hahahahaha

From Branson to Arizona Pictures

I can't load a lot here but I have a few to share. While in Branson, we went up into a 9 story tower on a really high hill. I have a few of those pictures here. We also shopped at a mall they put up along the river. There was a water show that was similar to the Belajio (sp) in Vegas but not as spectacular - it did have fire too though. Tim is pictured standing outside of the Bass Pro Shop. OMG what a store! Then there is me, just along some storefronts.
Then Texas and New Mexico were really no big deal, except to get across. Once we were in Arizona, we took Hwy 77 south to see a place called Show Low. Well, there is a little place called Snowflake just north of Show Low that was 100 times cuter. We may go there later in the year.

I'm moving on to a second post so I can post pix of the mountains. If I do it here who knows what will get goofed up and I'll have to do it all over!
Love and prayers, Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still motoring . . . but getting close

Hello kids & peoples.

Well our second stop, Branson was amazing to see. We didn't hit any shows but took in the scenery and did a tad bit of shopping. The hills were awesome and frightening for me as the passenger. Dad wasn't too worried.

After 3 nights there we took off and ended up at a KOA about 20 miles West of Oklahoma City in El Reno. The next day we headed for New Mexico and made it. We stayed just inside the border at Tucumcari.

The trip through the northern pan handle of Texas was an eye opening trip. Traveler's aren't encouraged to stop, in fact, signs advertising gas and eats lead you to long defunct establishments. They don't attract you to stop at all. Northern Texas just isn't at all welcoming.

After a night in Tucumcari we drove to the opposite side of the state and are in Gallop NM and expect to leave in a few hours and hopefully, make it to Apache Junction. If not, we'll spend a night in Show Lo, which is also on the eastern side of Arizona and about 200 miles from our final stop.

We are both really looking forward to getting off the road and staying in one place. I have to save this for now and put the pictures under another post. It won't work with me this a.m.

Love and prayers. Mom and Dad (or, Tim and Diane)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First stop, Iowa

October 2, 2008

KOA Adel, Iowa. Leaving Wisconsin went pretty well for us and watching the fall colors in reverse was rather odd. Now, in the Des Moines area, only a few of the lighter trees that turn yellow first are turning. But the weather is really nice. It is about 5:30 p.m. as I write this and inside the trailer the temp is in the 70s. Outside it is nicer because of breezes.

Des Moines is an incredible city to drive through. The highways, the businesses, houses, shopping malls, all are very nice to look at. It makes the cities in Wisconsin look down right trashy. I really hadn’t thought that this area would be so progressive and attractive. Of course, Tim pointed out that we don’t have a clue how many of these business are laying off and how many homes are in foreclosure. Another really impressive sight here is the wind farms. There are wind turbines in both directions at times, and you have to think how progressive Ohio must be. It did my heart good.

I posted two new pictures. One is of the Wisconsin colors. The 2nd is a color of another kind. It is amazing how many ways there are to enjoy retirement!

Tomorrow morning we off bright and early to head for a KOA in the Branson MO area, where the daily temps are in the 80s this week and we should find something interesting to do and see. We have reservations for 2 days, but may stay longer if the area is as interesting as people say.

Well, that’s it for now from the retirees. Love and Prayers. Mom and Dad