Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dad and Zoe went camping at Roosevelt Dam - to the east of us about 60 miles. He traveled a mountainous road that left blacktop behind and drove into beautiful desert landscapes and visited some ruins. he met up with several friends so he wasn't completely alone. Mom enjoyed peace and quiet at home. Zoe was a big hit with everyone and since she went everywhere with Tim, she was exhausted. She hiked up to the ruins but wasn't allowed past a certain point, "no pissing and shitting dogs allowed" near ruins. The guy in the pix held onto Zoe so Tim could explore. The lake created by the Dam is beautiful and huge. Enjoy the pix.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tracy and Tina made it!

I knew they would make it . . . but I was thrilled when they rolled in.
First things first, Zoe needed her hellos. Our only full day together was filled with visiting the zoo, shopping in historic Scottsdale and we had some excellent sushi. We all shared each other's food.
The pictures aren't in order, again, of course. I will be known forever as the blogger who couldn't get it right.
Although their plans were to leave the next day and head to the Grand Canyon, our last day seemed too short.
We got calls from the Grand Canyon and Vegas so we know they are on their way.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shed arrives and I saw a snake!

Hi ya'll. Life got exciting yesterday when our shed arrived. You know you're in trouble when a shed is exciting but it was. We had about 7 guys show up to help us get it off the trailer and onto the ground. It wasn't quite shimmed up on the left when I snapped this pix but I had to get a pix while most of the guys were still around.

The day before that I was walking zoe in the wash and she walked by a small snake and when I realized what it was I got the heebee jeebees. My weak knees got me back home and I grabbed the camera and went to my neighbor's yard (Gary and Margaret) and took a pix with zoom. I actually drew a yellow circle around it before I shrunk the pix but you can barely see it or the yellow circle, just off left on center. So figuring it wouldn't turn out, good hearted Gary went down and held it for me so I could get a good pix. Evidently, it had frozen to death on a cold night and then dehydrated in the hot days. That works for me! There was an article in the paper that scorpion bites are up. Don't leave shoes out overnight - that's the most common way people get bit. I leave my sandles out overnight but now they go on the little table we have and I double check.
Auntie Kathy and Dale bought a house in Kentucky and should be moving into it in a day or two, I think they said the 13th. Speaking of the 13th, Mackenzie turns 3 on March 13. I'll send her gift home with Tracy. Lola and Lolo are treating her to a trip to Disney World so I figure if our gift arrives AFTER the trip, it might have a bigger impact, although nothing can beat Mickey! Mackenzie is so excited. She actually knows where she is headed. Such a smart kid. And cute too. Have fun! (We were all invited to meet up in Orlando for the fun, but that was a bit much for us to squeeze in considering we'll be heading home in a month of their trip).
Hope you're all okay and I'm down to counting single digit days until Tracy and Tina get here!
Love to all, Mummy (and Diane)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Vegas to see Jenny and Jorge

This last weekend we drove up to Vegas to spend some time with Jennifer and George. Here they are mocking the statues behind them at Harrahs, where we all stayed. Tim "never wins" at machines but here we racked up $60 plus bucks. It's always fun to get something back. Our stimulous?

We all piled into a taxi and headed to Freemont Street. We've never been there at night and that was very pretty! Am I getting shorter?

We ate some fabulous food, of course and threw plenty of cash into the economy but the best part was just visiting the kids. Again, I am short on people pictures. I always get involved with just having fun, I forget to take the camera out!

Looking forward to a week from now, when Tracy and Tina come out.

Many many thanks to our friends, John and Jane, who watched Zoe for us, otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to go.

For now, it is back to normal life, no ding ding ding. Shucks!

Love, mummy