Monday, December 6, 2010

I totally changed my mind about the Presidency but . . .

I totally take my hat back out of the ring and I'm no longer worried too much about Palin. I saw her show. I could only take about 5 minutes of it though and that is what eased my fears that she might just win the hearts of all republicans. It would be impossible, even considering the tiny little hearts of republicans. Her speach is forced while trying too hard to appear unscripted. Her jokes are not funny. Her joking around is even "less funnier". She is degrading to her family members. And where is her son? I see her grandson. But where is the kid?

I've seen several large motor coaches and the one they are using is not meant to live in, not even for a few overnighters. It is a luxury touring coach not unlike the Coach USA buses. Where's the kitchen? It's all sofas and windows. Nobody has seat belts on and her grandson was not in a carseat, he was crawling around next to Bristol. One moose on the highway and that baby is chum for Todd's next fishing trip. Oh, but I digress. That's the Tea Party way -- smaller government. Keep government out of our lives. If one wants their family free-flying through the motor coach with its huge full body ejection windows then who am I comment. Hey, remember when we were filming our reality show and a bald eagle hit the windshield and dad freaked and jammed on the breaks and three camera men went flying all the way to the front of the coach and cameras went through the front window and dad ran him over two of those guys and the rest of us ended up on the pavement. Man, that was great. Too bad about the kid though.

I'm too sarcastic and I don't wish anything bad on them but I can't possibly be the only political pundant to have noticed this. People, please, speak up. Save the Palen children.

Speaking of the children, I will have the grandkids for a four day weekend and hopefully will be able to post some cute pix.

So until next week or so, take care and stay warm.