Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Monsoons Have Arrived

Rain has arrived in Las Vegas! Evidently, it's gone too. We've waited and waited and finally we have thunder, lightening and downpours. The weather made Tm's day. Storms and rainy days are some of his favorite things. The worst of it hit while I ran to the store. While inside the noise of a storm echoed through the building and everyone looked around asking "Is that thunder?" I went outside to find a downpour. On the way home I drove through standing water (not dangerous kind) and hesitated before going through rushing water (the dangerous kind). Turned the corner at the end of our block and drove through a lake. I figured I would beep and Tim and I could drive around a bit and see all the water but he was busy taking a movie of it on his cell phone and didn't want to go out and about because he had a tuna casserole in the oven. We've seen rain here in the form of rain drops, enough to make the air smell fresh and turn the concrete dark from rain but that's all. We see storms that don't hit the ground because the air is too dry. We see the mountain tops turning white from the snow. Now we finally see rushng water, rescues, power outages, all so thrilling. Let's not forget the falling temps! The temps never got out of the 60s yesterday - far below normal but change is nice.

Saw the neurologist yesterday and am awaiting an MRI - don't you just love being MRIed? I just hate being confined and having to "keep it together". I think the scariest part is the though of freaking out and losing the "breath evenly, keep your eyes closed, go to my happy place, breath evenly." Also, going back on 3 shots a week. No big deal, nothing out of the ordinary.

I am looking forward to some visitors. Jackie's friend, Shelia, arrives tonight and after months and months of nonstop sunshine and clear skies, we'll be under clouds. I love seeing clouds, my squinting wrinkles get a well needed break. Shelia however, isn't expecting clouds, she was hoping to "get a little color". In another few weeks Jennifer and Tracy are coming. It will be shortly before my birthday and they'll miss it but we'll have an early Thanksgiving dinner with them and get out and about and of course, Rachel, Darrell, Mackenzie and Darrian will be included. Rachel plans another trip here in November too so I'll get plenty of grandkid visits in. This means I'll have to have the Christmas tree up in early November. Hmmm, how can I stand all the joy?

Life has been quiet and almost boring but I have to post something - next time I should have more lively "stuff". Until then, love and kisses. Diane

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture for Ravelry

I'm having a problem with my Patrick Green drum carder and have this posted only for the picture. If anyone at Ravelry can help me figure out what is making my pure white alpaca come out gray and filthy, let me know.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a normal update

I've been remiss again in blogging - I consider it my duty if to nobody but myself to keep this blog alive. We had been extremely busy for a while. We traded in the Jayco on a Winnibego C Class and we traded in the big truck on a Ford Edge (which can be flat towed behind the Winnie). Just days after buying the Edge we headed to Wisconsin to pick up stuff we had in the trailer in Stone Lake, stuff we can use here. Most important were the treadmill, which is getting tons of use, and my spinning wheel, which is getting tons of use too. I converted a pile of cottswold into about 10 skeins. The cottswold was already carded and I had forgotten. It was the first wool I prepped on my Patrick Green carder. Cottswold is best used for slippers or rugs or stuff that requires a really tuff yarn. Now I'm working on white alpaca and what a mess, it is like angora in that it sheds and floats but it will make lovely "stuff" in the end.

Tim got a job and that's good. He's driving a few times a week for Medcure, a company that does surgical training. His cargo? Corpses. Yes, there is a bit of a creep factor but he loves to drive and being active in retirement is extremely important. I enjoy the quiet time too because then I can play or work or water palm trees or write (which is a very selfish hobby) or just anything my heart desires. Not that I can't do that with Tim around but you women out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

I know I posted our trip but I have to review for my own sake. After our trip to Wisconsin we had a week to get ready for a cruise to the Mexican Riviera which included Puerto Vierta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas - I know I butchered those spellings. We had never been on a cruise before and what fun it was yet I don't think I'll be cruising again too soon. It isn't expensive (although it feels like it). Seriously, where can you go for a whole week for $700 a person, all inclusive. Add to that however, your excersions. The cruiseline sets them up and they are pricey. We learned that you can walk off the ship and pretty much the same excersions from locals for a fraction of the cost. Ships cost for snorkeling in Cabo $79.00, local cost $20.00. The difference? We were taken to the beach on land's end in a water taxi, had to jump over the side into the water to get out and then crawl back in when they came to pick you up. Cruise excersion version - large catamaran with 100 people and ladders into and out of water, alcohol and snacks. Not worth the difference. The dress up dinners are truly a treat and we discovered you can order 2 main courses. Yes folks we could have had two lobster dinners, all included in your $700. We had a balcony in our room and did not have that "closed in" feeling at all and Jackie stayed with us. Rachel and her family were there too. Darrell's sisters and folks were there. I loved the time with kids and grandkids.

We saw some unforgetable sights and experienced alot of "firsts". I lost my glasses in the pacific ocean when a wave decided to eat me up and Tim lost his RX sunglasses. We body surfed in huge waves and were tossed about the beach like rag dolls. I wasn't strong enough to get up and out of the surf so I got a little more beat up that the others. I washed off the sand but at in the cabin I filled the floor with the sand that was in my suit. We all died laughing. That was an expensive swim but I had never experienced that type of surf. What fun!

We returned home on the 20th of September and I'm still recovering from chasing around.

Jackie is going to be working as a CNA (finally) pretty soon. It took a long time to transfer her CNA to Nevada. She'll be working per diem and more than doubling her income. She found a job at the vet within 3 days of arriving here so we are grateful that she did have work. She's doing excellent in school. First quiz, an A.

Next on the horizon, nothing much. We are looking forward to Jennifer and Tracy's visits. Tracy should be here at X-mas and Jennifer should be here for Thanksgiving (or thereabouts). It's time to just enjoy home and maybe take a few side trips in the Winnie.

That's all folks. Love, Diane